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[S1E17] The Wood 2021

Glasshouse Primary School is a school for the older kids and is operated by Calypso. The building is mostly made of wood and has brown wall inside and outside. S1E17 - Calypso S1E37 - The Adventure S1E40 - Early Baby S1E41 - Mums and Dads S2E08 - Daddy Dropoff S2E16 - Army S2E25 - Helicopter...

[S1E17] The Wood

Her wand is 14 inches of swishy willow wood with a phoenix feather core.[7] An actual wand was crafted by RandomRaye and described as follows: It has a natural design, an intriguing color. a rough and extremely long blade, a rose quartz grip, a curvy flow, a rosy shimmer, and a light rosy tone. It has more weight resting in the grip. The rose quartz in the grip has eccentric powers. It resources trust and harmony and relationships, is known to purify and open the heart, and promotes friendship, love, self-love, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

On a typical summer day, she goes hiking with her dads[14] somewhere out in the woods.[15] On such a day, she met Hagrid,[16] who delivered her acceptance letter to Hogwarts and explained magic.[17] On the same day, she and Hagrid also befriended a Shadow Spinner using a brussel sprout.[18]

At Hogwarts, she is a Hufflepuff[30] and a member of S.W.O.F.F., a group of friends that includes Masie Skyler, Alexander Pippin, Clementine Goosanders, Olive Everglade, Barney Dogwood, Lily Luna Potter, Albus Severus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, and Blaine Buttersworth. She came up with the name S.W.O.F.F. (Secret Wizarding Organization for Friendship). Later, the group decided that the password would be: "Would you like to split a bean sandwich?" "Only if we split it 4 ways."

The next day, the papers report on the rescue, but Angel is not mentioned in the story. Rebecca and two bodyguards come to the Angel Investigations offices, asking for Angel's help with a stalker fan. Angel declines to take the case. This angers Cordelia, who sees it as a chance for her to network with Hollywood people. Wesley explains that Angel cannot take the case because he likes Rebecca and is afraid of getting close. Angel remains silent. When Wesley says he agrees with Angel's decision not to take the case, Cordelia pretends to have visions about Rebecca being in danger, but Wesley and Angel are not fooled.

The next morning, Angel phones Wesley to say he is taking Rebecca's case. Cordelia is worried that Angel might have sex with Rebecca, revoking his soul and turning him back into Angelus. She goes to Rebecca's house with three lattes and a large wooden cross, and Angel, who answers the door, tells her that Rebecca knows he is a vampire. 041b061a72


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