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Children And Sustainable Development: Ecologica...

Through the initiative of Nishinomiya City, Learning and Ecological Activities Foundation for Children (LEAF) was established in 1998 as an organisation based on partnership among citizens, businesses and the municipal government. Earth Watching Club (EWC) is managed under this foundation. Our aim is to contribute to the development of a sustainable society by initiating community-based environmental learning activities at schools and in local communities, in liaison with various civic groups, corporations and government agencies. We hope our activities will target a wide range of citizens with a focus on youths and children, to raise the global citizens who act responsibly towards the global environment.

Children and Sustainable Development: Ecologica...

Achieving the goal of sustainable development is ambitious for any economy, society and the environment [56]. For this reason, citizens must start to acquire awareness and knowledge of the environment from an early age in order to adapt their behavior, daily routines and attitudes. Preserving our immediate physical environment today is essential, and this requires encouraging children to participate in activities that contribute to successful sustainable development [57]. Such activities will predictably have a beneficial effect on the quality of life of children and on the environment.

Name of the service: Education of educators and children on the topic of ecological and sustainable development to improve services for children in early and preschool education for DV Trogir

2. Educational workshops on the topic of nature and environmental protection are aimed to children to familiarize them with environmentally responsible behavior in everyday life, with a special emphasis on sustainable waste management and composting. The duration of each workshop is 45 minutes.

The Special Rapporteur, in collaboration with partners, set up a follow-up process to the report on children's rights and the environment, aimed at further promoting a children's right to a healthy and sustainable environment.

This initiative builds on recent developments and international frameworks such as the Sustainable Development Goals. It aims is to boost recognition and implementation of children's right to a healthy and sustainable environment by:

With all these benefits, children will not only develop in all aspects but will also acquire new sustainable hobbies, enjoy lasting connection to the environment and learn more about how to have a more positive impact on the world. 041b061a72


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