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The general concept for what became the Flashdance hit came to songwriter Dennis Matkosky while watching a news report about a serial killer.[3] He jokingly thought, "With my luck, this guy lives next door to me," and immediately jotted down the lyrics that came to mind: "He's a maniac. He just moved in next door. He'll kill your cat and nail it to the floor."[4] He took the idea to his friend Michael Sembello, whose eyes widened with interest when he heard the title.[5] As soon as Matkosky was seated at a piano, Sembello said, "All right. Hit the weirdest chord you know," and they began composing the music.[6] Their inspiration for the bridge came from the Bloodrock song "D.O.A.",[7] a number 36 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1971[8] that recreated the two-tone siren used on ambulances in England at that time,[6] and Sembello came up with the idea of using "Chopsticks" to introduce the instrumental portion of the song.[9] Matkosky said, "We thought it was a joke because we weren't trying to write a song. We were trying to make our friends laugh."[6]

Michael Sembello - Maniac

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