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Gps Tracking Software For Laptops

When launching the software for the first time, you're required to set up how Prey sends you reports - either via email and web, or email only. The web control panel is excellent, with a clear and attractive interface. Settings can be easily configured via sliding toggles, similar to those found on iOS devices.

Gps Tracking Software For Laptops

Once you've set up a MyLaptopGPS account and installed the software, it will run silently, so thieves will have no idea that your laptop is being tracked. As with the other products we've reviewed here, you can track your laptop via an internet browser.

The interface is rather bland and lacks the friendly style of Prey, but it's easy to navigate. You can quickly designate the laptop as stolen, which turns on tracking and a few unique features. You'll receive email updates about your laptop, with a reassurance that 'SafeRecovery Team is pursuing the recovery of this machine'. Also a window will pop up on the laptop claiming 'This machine is globally tracked via permanently embedded GPS'.

Though MyLaptopGPS has GPS in the name, it relies on the much less accurate IP address registration to locate laptops. Where other services use Wi-Fi positioning to get a more accurate location, the IP address registrant just gave us the city of the IP address - which wasn't even the city the laptop was in.

There are no tracking features with this program, so ideally it should be installed alongside a free service that does, such as Prey. What LaptopLock concentrates on is protecting your data if your laptop is lost or stolen; and is broken into three parts.

The second part is notifications. You can select to show a message or play a sound when the missing laptop is in use. The final part is that you can select a program to launch when the laptop is reported stolen - a good chance to run a tracking program, or activate your webcam and upload the photos it takes.

Installation is very easy, with just a simple download and install of the software. You're then taken to a web page with a big bright Start Tracking button. Once done you can leave it to track your laptop quietly. There's no sign that MyLaptopTracker has been installed on your laptop. Even the Uninstall Programs window shows no trace of the program.

Hopefully by reading through this group test, and learning about all the many tracking features that are available, has piqued your interest in setting up some proper security measures for your prized devices. Besides, you don't want to miss out on posting screen shots of a thief online.

Sometimes in our group tests when we look at both free and paid-for software there can be a huge gulf in quality between the two. However sometimes we see free products that offer just as many features - and perform just as well - as their competitors that charge.

The results were not so clear cut, as LoJack still offers a compelling reason to lay down your money. In the end, there were two clear tracking software winners: LoJack representing the paid-for software and Prey winning the free software choice.

The hardest part when it comes to losing a laptop is when all of your important data is not recoverable or worse, it falls into the wrong hands, thus making you and your company vulnerable to potential lawsuits and loss of profit. If purchasing these services appears to be expensive, try some of the freely available encrypt software, they may not be the best but at least it keeps your data safe for a certain period of time

There are hundreds of software and services that promise you the ability to pinpoint the exact location of your laptop when it is stolen, these services are like insurance and it is costly in the long run. It is crucial to backup your data to a portable hard disk at least every week. Here are some interesting facts on Laptop theft:

Inspice Trace is a laptop tracking and remote data destruction software. The security software emails you the precise location of your laptop. In addition, it lets you unrecoverably destroy your sensitive data in the laptop to protect the data from any unauthorized access. The highlights:

What makes XTool Laptop Tracker unique is the camera function; more and more laptops are now made with built-in cameras due to the higher availability of bandwidth and the increasing demand for more personalized contacts. XTool Laptop Tracker has the ability to detect a camera connected to a laptop and can take a snapshot of the unauthorized user that is then relayed to the XTool Monitoring Center! Since statistics show that approximately 90% of laptop theft is committed by insiders (friends, employees, colleagues, etc), a picture of the unauthorized user not only quickly leads to the location of the thief but can be used as evidence in case the laptop is sold to a 3rd party!

XTool Laptop Tracker is a service designed to locate and recover lost or stolen laptops. The XTool Laptop Tracker service uses a smart agent designed to collect and transmit critical information needed to pinpoint its location when lost or stolen and/or to identify the unauthorized user in case of a theft.

Hi I had recently lost my Lenovo laptop and I lost all my confidential and hard work data. Can any one suggest how to track this laptop as I did not installed any tracking software or device is there any chance to recover.

GPS tracking software allows businesses to visualize and keep track of the location of their staff, fleets and assets through the use of remote devices.Compare the best GPS Tracking software for Windows currently available using the table below.

The Traccar software offers exceptional performance and stability, whether it is installed on Windows, Linux, or any other platform. The server can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud, and we provide various hosted options with professional support.

Traccar stands out among GPS tracking systems on the market by supporting a vast array of protocols and device models. Whether you prefer low-cost, no-name GPS trackers or high-end, quality brands, Traccar enables you to choose from a wide selection of vendors.

The Traccar software provides instant notifications, including support for push notifications, emails, and other methods. These features enable the software to alert users of harsh driving behavior, fuel drops, maintenance events, geo-fencing breaches, and numerous other types of alerts.

Keep reading to see our Geo-Tracking and Remote Locate features for each operating system. We support tracking Windows Laptops, Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and Linux.

In the future we will have additional elements available to set location and tracking default settings so that your entire fleet of laptops and mobile devices are managed the same. We have an extensive feature road map for laptop and device tracking. Here is a list of some of the high-priority features that are coming this year:

This easy-to use GPS tracking software application displays the location and status of trucks, cars, vessels, helicopters, people, or anything equipped with RavTrack Transponders. The displayed map may be any graphic image, bitmap, .tiff, or .geotiff, or .jpg. RavTrack PC is a excellent single-user or multi-user vehicle tracking program.

Laptops are popular and expensive electronics. Knowing how to find GPS tracking software on your computer can help you recover your laptop if it is stolen or lost, but GPS tracking helps only if the computer is running. Finding GPS software on your computer isn't difficult, and it can be done in several minutes by doing a quick search on your computer.

Browse through the list of start-up programs and look for programs such as: GadgetTrak and Computance; these are popular GPS programs. If you see a program you do not recognize, visit a popular search engine and type in the program and you will be given a list of results as to what the program is. If you do not have a GPS tracking system on your computer, consider the free system at

It is a server-based tracking software platform for web based GPS tracking. With this and our trackers, you can track vehicles or other objects with real time location information in a standard web browser. You can view tracker's historical information in the user's interface. Reports and alarm information are also available for user's checking and analysis. You can configure the tracker by GPRS receive alarms, such as SOS, speeding, ignition on/off, etc. You can create an admin account, and from there, create sub-accounts (user accounts) for your clients or members to login and track.

Solution is designed for personal use or small company vehicle or mobile phone tracking and management. Account allows to see precise object location live via web browser, instantly view historical tracks and get notifications about events which require your immediate attention, generate various reports, control devices remotely and much more. GPS tracking system is easy to use, mobile friendly, has intuitive user interface and is designed to communicate with a wide variety of GPS tracking devices, including smartphones and tablets. The cost of service depends on number of devices added to account, choose pricing plan according to your needs.

Server with GPS tracking software is located in GPS-server Data Center, we undertake all technical aspects, while you concentrate on GPS tracking business. Our team will prepare server, support your service, ensure physical and electronic security and update it once new updates are out. Monthly cost of service (cloud GPS tracking software) depends on number of devices connected to server. Cloud GPS tracking gives full access to software functionality and control panel. Charge customers for services, use individual logo, server name and domain. Hosted software is white label GPS tracking server at a great price, perfect solution for GPS tracking business. 041b061a72


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